CLOSEOUT - Power Converter (15v 160mA) (Was $85)

CLOSEOUT - Power Converter (15v 160mA) (Was $85)

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Many dirt bikes have a very simple electrical system to reduce weight. Many run only a headlight and tail light with12vAC (no battery). These systems can be suitable to charge a battery by the simple addition of a regulator / rectifier. But to supply expensive electronics, a more elaborate system is required, to provide smooth output without voltage spikes. There are two ways to do this. One is to use a large battery. If your battery is large enough to run a starter motor then this unit may not be necessary. If you don't have electric starting then the battery is probably too small to protect electronics from dirty input power.Our power converter is a regulator / rectifier, with output smoothing by capacitors. Electronic circuitry boosts voltage during times when generator output drops (engine idle) - it can produce 15v from as low as 6v input.

This unit is recommended to operate certain GPSs which allow a wide input range (some accept up to 30V). GPSs which accept a wide input range must have smooth power input! (not 30v spikes!). If the input voltage varies a lot (with RPM or spikes) then the GPS can set up input voltage incorrectly and damage itself. Another condition which is dangerous to electronics is when the motorcycle battery is very low, the resistance is high thus voltage spikes are not absorbed by the battery. For example an electric-start dirtbike with a low battery (using the kickstarter?) is a dangerous situation for electronics. If you are not using this device we recommend that you disconnect the GPS until the battery has recharged to the point that it can start the engine. Use this converter to ensure a constant safe supply for your electronics.The other model 030-0020 will work as well, but having a higher voltage (15v)provides better headroom for low generator output conditions (such as idle speed). To charge a small 12v battery in addition to running a 12v GPS you will need the 15v model. We cannot guarantee suitability of this item for your GPS or for charging batteries - this is just a suggestion. Be sure to verify that the input requirements for your GPS allow for 15vDC input at 160mA (= 2.4Watts).

NOTE: Most handheld GPSs require less than 2.4 watts. This unit does not produce enough current to operate a Zumo. The Garmin GPS276C input requirements (~10W) are substantially higher than this unit's 2.4W output.
Product Features
  • Weight: just 45g
  • Input voltage 4.5 - 40V DC or max. 25V AC
  • Output voltage 15V DC, max. 160mA
  • box dimensions: 3 X 2 X .75 inches
  • Not enough power for Zumo┬«

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