Folding Offroad Brake Lever R1200GS (2006- 2012 Oil Cooled)

Folding Offroad Brake Lever R1200GS (2006- 2012 Oil Cooled)

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The brake lever can break even if you just fall. This will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to go any further. With our brake lever you can reduce this risk easily and effectively because of the folding front lever. In addition, the forces acting on the brake lever will be transferred less strongly to the rear brake master cylinder. Should the brake lever get a little bent out of shape it can be straightened again very easily.

This brake lever is designed about 20mm shorter for better durablity on offroad tip-overs and for better feel on stand-up riding.

Product Features
  • Steel construction
  • Spring-loaded folding tip
  • Available in black only
  • Fits BMW R1200GS 2006-2012, Oil Cooled models only
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