HID (Xenon) Aux Light F650GS, Left Side

HID (Xenon) Aux Light F650GS, Left Side

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Item # 040-1504

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The Xenon (HID) auxilliary lamp is is so bright that the stock F650GS headlight seems almost nonexistant, yet adds only 60W draw to the electrical system. The F650GS barely has enought power for one extra lamp, so it's great to have a 60W light that's brighter than 2 large 85W PIAAs. Our Xenon lamp kit for provides the most significant light addition for F650GS. Our system is small and unobtrusive. The bracket and a great hiding place for the transformer is provided.. It attaches using the four blinker-mount screws. In the picture at left, the Xenon lamp is on the LEFT side, the Fog lamp (040-2004) is on the right.

In addition, the light produced more closely approximates the colour temperature of natural daylight. This makes for better visibility in night driving conditions.

In contrast to halogen bulbs, Xenon produces a much higher luminous flux (3200 Lumens compare to 1500 lumens) which translates to more than twice the light for the same wattage. You may have seen the slight bluish tint of luxury cars, this is the same light.

One light, left side only. Includes lamp bracket and transformer bracket for F650GS.

In photo, Xenon lamp 040-1504 is on the left, fog lamp 040-3004 is on the right.

All Touratech HID xenon lights come with an HID ballast that has specially reinforced circuitry for use on a motorcycle. This special feature is only available from Touratech and ensures that your HID lighting system (which includes the ballast that fires the bulb at 20,000 volts) will stand up to the rigors of use on a long-distance enduro touring motorcycle.

Startup power requirement is about 90W but stabilizes at about 60W sustained draw after a few seconds.

Product Features
  • One lamp, on Left side
  • Bracket has left/right/up/down adjustment
  • Fits F650GS and Dakar
  • Includes all mounting brackets and hardware
  • Includes mounting bracket for Ballast
  • 60W sustained draw
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