HID (Xenon) & Fog Light Set Inside Fairing, KTM 950 Adventure LC8

HID (Xenon) & Fog Light Set Inside Fairing, KTM 950 Adventure LC8

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What's Included
  • Wiring
  • All brackets
  • Lights
  • Hardware
  • Instructions


This kit fits only the KTM 950 Adventure LC8, it does NOT fit the 990. The 990 has a large electronic component behind the grille.

The "highlight" in headlight design for the KTM Adventure LC8.

Touratech has engineered a combination HID xenon high beam driving light and a low beam fog lamp into the

fairing of the large KTM. By mounting the lamps under the fairing they are well protected from branches or the ground, so you will not risk damaging the lights while riding. This kit comes with all mounting materials including the lights, a special LC8-specific mounting bracket, wiring harness and instructions.

The HID xenon driving lamp provides 3x the light of a pair of 55w driving lamps. This provides more useable light further down the road and to the sides. You can see hazards and road conditions sooner and with greater detail. The light produced more closely approximates the colour temperature of natural daylight. This makes for better visibility in night driving conditions as the light reflects more off of objects.

The fog lamp projects a low, wide beam of light with a very sharp cut-off. This allows it to be used in traffic and in the daytime to both improve the rider's visibility and make the bike more noticable to other traffic. In fog, rain or snow the low, wide light prevents light from being reflected back into the rider's eyes.

All Touratech HID xenon lights come with an HID ballast that has specially reinforced circuitry for use on a motorcycle. This special feature is only available from Touratech and ensures that your HID lighting system (which includes the ballast that fires the bulb at 20,000 volts) will stand up to the rigors of use on a long-distance enduro touring motorcycle.

The high-efficiency HID lamp takes about 90Watts to start, then after a few seconds, drops to a sustained 60W draw, while producing more light than 150 watts of Halogen lighting. Furthermore, the color temperature is more like daylight, so driving at night is more comfortable.

Product Features
  • Includes all brackets
  • Fog light is 55w draw
  • Xenon (HID) is 60W sustained draw
  • Does not fit Super Enduro
Manuals & Documents

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