HID (Xenon) Light R1200GS, Left Side - up to 2007 model

HID (Xenon) Light R1200GS, Left Side - up to 2007 model

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Item # 040-1514

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One HID lamp, mounted on the left side of the standard R1200GS. See part number 040-1516 for HID lighting for the R1200GS Adventure. Xenon HID provides the brightest light for the power used, and the R1200GS does not have a lot of extra electrical power.

Due to the excellent lumen output of Xenon bulbs, the light emitted reaches farther and the light beam to illuminate the road is even greater.

In addition, the light produced more closely approximates the color temperature of natural daylight. This makes for better visibility and noticeably less eye strain in night driving conditions.

Includes all components necessary to work with the R1200GS "CANBUS" system. This light is controlled by a relay that comes on automatically whenever the BMW hi-beam is used. There is no switch included, but a switch can be added by the user. Please see the general wiring diagram and the installation tip.

The HID ballast on all of our HID xenon lights is specially reinforced by TOURATECH for use on a motorcycle to ensure that your HID lighting system (which includes the ballast that fires the bulb at 20,000 volts) will stand up to the rigors of use on a long-distance enduro touring motorcycle.

Technical Note

The HID ballast may not fit if a BMW accessory outlet has been installed along the left side of the cockpit fairing. For an accessory plug please consider using our 044-0560 cockpit cover.


R1200GS has about 120Watts of 'extra" power thus after installation of one HID light, up to 60W remains available for other devices or lamps. Please note that while drawing a full 120W (for example 040-1514 + 040-4514), your system may sustain this load, but there is no power remaining to charge the battery. If you elect to use two 60W lights, consider adding a small interrupt switch to the trigger wire to deactivate one of the lights if necessary. An interrupt switch is NOT provided in the kit. Our HID lamps are triggered by relay to turn on with the high beam, so switching to low-beam will allow the battery to charge again. A condition where the battery can run down is the motorcycle is operated at low RPMs for long periods of time with no on-coming traffic (to dip the lights), also the electric brake servos being used a lot. For example: riding off-road at night.

Startup power requirement is about 90W but stabilizes at about 60W sustained draw after a few seconds.

Product Features
  • One lamp, on Left side
  • Bracket has left/right/up/down adjustment
  • Fits R1200GS
  • Includes all mounting brackets and hardware
  • Includes mounting bracket for Ballast
  • 50W sustained draw
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