SSR-01 Voltage Control Module R1200GS

SSR-01 Voltage Control Module R1200GS

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The SSR-01 voltage control module provides the CANbus bypass feature of the TPS 15 with the addition of a delayed voltage drop function (approx 1 minute capacity).On the R1200GS, all power consuming devices are interrupted by a load rejection relay (while starter is cranking). The on-board BMW socket is disconnected as well. This can be annoying as GPS units and radar detectors, for example must be rebooted, and some cell-phones reset their charge cycle each time the starter is used.The SSR module avoids this by holding 1 minute delay while the motorcycle starter is being used.The device has two separate outputs.
  • Output 1 (fused) is controlled by the key position and will provide uninterrupted battery power.
  • Output 2 is simply for convenience. It is simply a (fused) wire direct to the battery. It is a good place to attach your "battery tender".
WARNING: recommend professional installation.The two conditions where SSR-01 output 1 does NOT provide direct connection to the battery:
  • While the key is switched off (as expected)
  • After starter motor has operated continuously for a period exceeding 1 minute (not a likely situation)
Another explanation: Who would use the SSR-01?? It is for the rider who has an electrical device (or outlet) that must be BMW-key-controlled, but must remain energized even while the starter motor is cranking. For example a GPS, or MP3 player. The 1-minute capacity is much more capacity than necessary because the R1200GS motor starts in about 2 revolutions, the important thing is that the power supply is not interrupted at all. Be aware that some devices may shut down if the starter pulls battery voltage below the devices' threshold. Please see the link "More Info".
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