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Touratech Extreme PRO Rear Shock, Yamaha Tenere 700

Touratech Extreme PRO Rear Shock, Yamaha Tenere 700

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Touratech Extreme Pro Rear Shock Absorber for Yamaha Tenere 700

The Touratech Suspension Extreme PRO shock for the Yamaha Tenere 700 sets a new standard for performance in demanding conditions. Designed for riding in challenging terrain and carrying luggage, the PRO shock will transform the riding experience of the T700. Riders of this shock report dramatically improved handling, minimized rider fatigue, and a shockingly better feeling of control.  Here’s how we do it:

Piston Perfection
The new HyperFlow damper piston optimizes oil flow and minimizes foaming which provides consistent damping performance in even the most punishing terrain or hot environments. In addition, the low-friction seal prevents ‘stiction’ which allows for very precise damping performance. 

Performance Dialed-in
Fully adjustable damping without needing a tool. The handling characteristics of the bike can be tuned instantly by turning the adjuster dials with a gloved hand. This allows you to easily make precise changes to customize the feel of your bike and adjust on-the-fly when terrain or conditions change.
Compression Damping
This shock has both high-speed and low speed compression damping allowing riders to tune the performance to fit their preference. Embedded rocks, water bars, loose climbs, and twisty pavement all prevent challenges to a bike and rider. By having easily adjustable hi and low speed compression damping, you can optimize the performance of the shock to match the demands of the ride.
Revolutionary Rebound Control
Our engineers came up with a unique mechanical solution to an age-old problem. While most shocks use a needle to adjust rebound damping, it’s prone to inconsistent performance when temperatures change, and it tends to be all or nothing with most of the change happening in just a few clicks. To solve these problems, we have developed a slider-piston that reveals oil ports that provide consistent changes in the rebound damping with each click. This provides riders with the finest rebound control of any shock on the market. This improves traction by maximizing contact with the ground and filters out bouncing, wallowing and chattering of the rear wheel which gives the rider an enhanced feeling of control. 
Level-out the Load
One critical component to good bike handling is that that bike can be leveled out to achieve the proper sag setting. This is where our Hydraulic Pre-load adjuster really shines. It’s easy to crank up the pre-load setting by turning the knob with your hand. This is especially critical when you add luggage for an extended adventure. We’ve designed this system to have low internal pressure which improves reliability and makes it easy to operate.
Built Boldly to go the Distance
The components are made from the best materials and in generous proportions to provide reliable performance and longevity in the most demanding applications. This shock is also fully serviceable and can be refreshed to ensure top performance for years.
Why ride PRO?
The features and build quality of this shock provide more stability, better traction, and improved rider comfort for the Yamaha Tenere 700. The result is reduced rider fatigue, a more planted feeling and a bike that feels well behaved on challenging terrain or riding twisties with full luggage. Riders report a boost in confidence and a feeling that they can ride better with this suspension. Predictable, planted, and confidence-inspiring are a few of the comments we hear from customers who have made the upgrade to PRO.

Product Features
  • New Hyper Flow damper piston reduces foaming for optimum oil flow and damping performance regardless of operating temperature
  • No tools needed – finger friendly adjusters to dial in your damping performance
  • Revolutionary rebound adjustment with new piston-style bypass for fine control
  • Hi-speed and low-speed compression damping for performance tuning to match rider preference and terrain
  • Easily level your ride by turning the hand-friendly knob of the hydraulic preload adjuster
  • One-piece air-craft grade aluminum shock body for maximum strength and low weight
  • Low-friction seal prevents ‘stiction’ and provides consistent damping performance.
  • High-quality Uniball bearings with precise tolerances for long life
  • Valving exclusively developed for ADV riding by Touratech Suspension test riders
  • Perfect ramp rate for bottoming prevention with proprietary polymer and unique shape of end-stop
  • Fully serviceable for optimum performance and long-life.
  • Under the 'Instructions' tab please click on the link for the rider's profile, answer the questions, and paste them into the comments field during checkout, or email to . This will help us ensure your shock is sprung specifically for your application
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