Touratech GPS Mount Adapter R1200GS - for use with 30mm risers (up to 2007)

Touratech GPS Mount Adapter R1200GS - for use with 30mm risers (up to 2007)

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Item # 040-0665

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The Touratech GPS Mount Adapter places a crossbar mount at the center of the R1200GS handlebar clamps. Stainless steel supports for a 100mm long "crossbar" at the R1200GS handlebar clamp bolts. Includes LONGER bolts so it can be used with 30mm risers such as 040-0274. Special bolts make it possible to remove the adapter without loosening handlebar clamps.

Only buy this kit if you already have handlebar risers installed on your motorcycle. If you do not have risers, please look at part number 040-0664

NOTE: does not include GPS mount. This adapter just provides a place for attaching Touratech mounts.

Product Features
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 12mm Aluminum bar 100mm (= 4 inches)
  • Includes 4 Stainless Steel specialty bolts (+25mm longer) with internal M5 thread
  • Up to 2007 model year only
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