Touratech Extreme Rear Shock, Honda Africa Twin CRF1100/1000L & Adventure Sports

Touratech Extreme Rear Shock, Honda Africa Twin CRF1100/1000L & Adventure Sports

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Touratech Extreme Shock - Honda Africa Twin CRF1100/1000L & Adventure Sports

Upgrade your Africa Twin Adventure Sports with a Touratech Suspension Extreme Shock. A night-and-day difference over stock Honda shocks, Touratech Suspension takes an Adventure Sports to a whole new level of off-road capability. By adding better damping along with PDS anti-bottoming technology for those harder hits on the trail. All Touratech Suspension comes with a custom spring rate and is purpose-built for adventure touring motorcycles.

You know the feeling… you see a pothole last minute and feel the force of the hit radiate through your body as your shock bottoms out. Well, the Touratech Extreme Shock has advanced technology to make bottoming out a thing of the past. This shock has a secondary compression damper that goes into action when your shock approaches the end of its stroke.

Combine this PDS “bottoming control technology” with a remote reservoir, fully adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping, adjustable rebound damping, high-flow fittings, low friction seals and 50% more preload adjustment than other shocks on the market and you begin to see why this is the shock of choice for Honda Africa Twin riders who want the ultimate in touring performance.

“The bike is so much livelier and more predictable, especially in the turns. With Touratech Suspension installed, the bike goes exactly where you tell it to go and the front is planted and predictable. Riding off-road or on the street, the improvements are so dramatic that it’s worth every penny of the investment.”

-Keith Dowdle, Cycle News

Feature Summary:

Bottoming control with secondary compression damping technology which prevents bottoming out. The (PDS) Position-dependant Damping System is like a hydraulic pillow at the end of the stroke.

Remote reservoir, made from high-strength aluminum, keeps the fluid cool and ensures pressure stability in the shock which results in better performance. The reservoir also increases fluid volume by 50% extending the life of your shock.

High-flow fittings are oversized to allow 96% more oil flow between the reservoir and the shock.

Adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping allows absolute control of shock tuning to give you the precise handling characteristics you want in any conditions.

Adjustable rebound damping allows you to fine-tune the ride characteristics to meet your preferences.

50% more preload adjustment than other shocks on the market. A generous 15mm of adjustment allows proper spring pre-load set-up for a fully-loaded CRF1000L. Most shocks have 8-10mm which is not enough to accommodate the varying quantities of long-distance luggage or even a passenger.

Hydraulic Spring Preload Adjustment allows quick changes to be made to the preload by twisting the knob with your hand.

A floating piston separates the air and the oil to prevent oil foaming. This technology ensures that your shock will have smooth and consistent performance even in punishing environments.

Cold forged 6082 T6 aluminum shock body machined to exacting standards offers high-strength and maximum heat dissipation.

High-strength stainless steel bushings ensure the mounting points of the shock will go the distance.

Low-friction seal with integrated Teflon back-up ring maximizes performance and extends the life of the shock.

Available in a range of spring rates to match the rider weight requirements.

Damping set up for fully-loaded Africa Twin right out-of-the-box.


Why do I need this?

Motorcycle Manufacturer’s Shocks - The shocks found on new motorcycles are designed to be inexpensive and fit the needs of the average 170lb rider with 15lbs of luggage. As a result, they often meet the minimum standard for function. The performance of a stock shock is typically not confidence-inspiring. With heavy loads, stock suspension “bottoms out” easily and doesn’t have sufficient preload or damping adjustment range. They aren’t serviceable and, with heavy loads, are prone to blown-out seals and other failures. The rider often feels the bike is too spongy and doesn’t handle properly.

Aftermarket Shocks - Most after-market shocks are made with performance riding in mind, but aren’t built for use on a fully-loaded touring bike. Most can only withstand the weight of the rider and don’t offer good handling, or have adequate preload adjustment. They also don’t have the durability to go the distance with a fully-loaded touring bike.

Key issues to consider when selecting a shock:

PDS bottoming control - Imagine riding your fully-loaded Africa Twin on the ‘Road of Bones’ in Siberia and not having to worry about bottoming out the bike. The Position-dependent Damping System or (PDS) makes this possible with a secondary damper piston that creates progressive damping. This allows you to keep the primary compression damper settings a bit softer and more comfortable because the (PDS) damper will kick-in when needed like a hydraulic pillow to prevent bottoming out at the end of the shock stroke.

Remote reservoir –This remote reservoir, made from high-strength aluminum, is designed to keep the fluid cool and ensures pressure stability in the shock which results in better performance. The increased oil capacity results in a longer shock life.

High-flow fittings – Other aftermarket shocks have fittings that create a bottle-neck reducing oil-flow at high impact speeds. This causes premature and erratic damping due to restricted oil transfer. Touratech suspension uses proprietary high-flow fittings that have a larger inner diameter which allows 96% more oil flow than other shocks. This ensures that damping is precise even at high-impact speeds.

Adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping – Separate adjustments for high-speed and low-speed compression damping allows absolute control of shock tuning to give you the precise handling characteristics you want in any conditions. This allows you to control how the bike handles in a high-speed corner separately from how it behaves absorbing a pothole.

Adjustable Rebound Damping – Right out of the box, this shock is ready for adventure with its rebound damping levels set for touring on a fully-loaded AT. The rebound damping is also fully adjustable so the ride can be customized to your preferences.

Hydraulic Preload Adjustment - With a Touratech Extreme Shock, the preload can be hydraulically adjusted by turning the knob with your hand.

50% More Preload - When loading your Honda Africa Twin with luggage and all the gear for a weekend trip or extended tour, the bike will sag under the weight of the load. Most shocks are NOT designed to handle this. With Touratech Suspension, you can adjust the spring pre-load to bring the bike back to level. Because of the full 15mm adjustment, you can raise the back of the motorcycle as much as 2 inches to compensate for the load which restores proper geometry for optimum handling and overall feel of the bike. Most shock preload adjusters only have 8-10mm of adjustment which can only raise the back of the bike by 1.2 inches.

Floating Piston Superiority – Touratech Suspension uses a Floating Piston design which offers the best damping performance because it physically separates the nitrogen gas from the oil. Most shocks use oil emulsion damping which allows oil to mix with the nitrogen gas in a foaming process that basically ‘thins’ the oil and prevents the shock from working properly. When the oil is “foamed” the bike bottoms easily and also springs up too quickly resulting in erratic handling and an unsteady ride.

With the floating piston design of Touratech Suspension there is a physical separation of oil and nitrogen gas which means you can ride your Africa Twin on rough roads all day long and enjoy consistent high performance. Why buy a shock whose performance gets worse the harder you ride it? Before you invest in new suspension make sure it’s a floating piston design.

Stainless Steel Bushings – While many aftermarket shocks use aluminum bushings where the shock mounts to the motorcycle, Touratech Suspension uses high-strength, non-corrosive stainless steel. This creates a strong and rigid connection which is important for loaded touring motorcycles. The stainless steel bushings protect against corrosion and seizing and offer low maintenance and longer life.

Low-Friction Seal – Our seals have a backbone that virtually eliminates friction interference on the damping activity. On other shocks, the seal deforms as damping pressure increases and causes stiction on the shaft. Touratech Suspension is equipped with a proprietary low-friction seal that is supported by Teflon back-up ring. This Teflon backbone keeps the seal from deforming and eliminates stiction on the shaft even at high pressures. The result is better performance, increased reliability, and longer service life, even in harsh environments.

Oversized high-strength shaft – While most manufacturers use a 14mm carbon steel shaft, Touratech suspension uses a 16mm high-strength chrome-moly steel alloy.

Aluminum Shock Body – Some manufacturers use a steel shock body to reduce cost. Touratech uses cold-forged 6082 T6 aluminum for the shock body because it’s lightweight, strong and durable. It also dissipates heat 30% more effectively than steel, which results in more stable and predictable damping delivering better handling and a smoother ride. A cooler shock will also have more consistent damping and longer service life.

Custom Springs – Touratech Suspension is available in a range of spring rates so we can ensure your shock has the proper spring for your requirements.

Fully Serviceable – All Touratech Suspension is fully serviceable and can be customized or re-built by Touratech-USA or any certified Touratech Suspension technician.

Summary - Touratech Extreme Shock:

The PDS bottoming control gives you peace of mind that you won’t bottom out the shock. Having the secondary damping that works like a hydraulic pillow at the end of the stroke allows you to have a plush ride on your Honda Africa Twin even the most extreme conditions. It also extends the life of the shock and is better for the motorcycle and the rider by eliminating the forces and possible damage associated with hard hits.

The Touratech Extreme Shock offers adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping, a remote fluid reservoir, high-flow fittings, adjustable rebound damping, floating piston superiority and low-friction seals which add up to a highly refined shock that can be tuned with precision to meet the riding style and handling characteristics you prefer.

The Touratech Extreme Shock is over-built by design with heavy-duty materials, over-sized components, and 50% more spring pre-load adjustment than other shocks on the market. The preload can be hydraulically adjusted by turning the knob with your hand.

Touratech Suspension is the world’s first purpose-built shock absorber for long-distance touring with a fully-loaded motorcycle. Right out of the box, it has the strength, features and adjustments to go the distance on an adventure or touring bike carrying luggage.

The Touratech Extreme Shock is the ultimate in suspension technology and the ideal choice for extended trips or off-road rides like a Backcountry Discovery Route. For the rider who wants absolute control over suspension set-up and high performance, this is the product.

If you want the best suspension on the planet for adventure touring with a fully-loaded Africa Twin, the Touratech Extreme is the top choice. Nothing else comes even close.

Please see our Sag Setting Tutorial, and Shock Adjustment Tutorial on the Touratech blog to learn how to tune your shocks for the best comfort and performance.

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