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Touratech Heat Control Heated Seats, Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L & Adventure Sports

Touratech Heat Control Heated Seats, Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L & Adventure Sports

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Touratech Heat Control Seat for Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L

Extend your season and enjoy riding in heated comfort with a Touratech Heat Control Seat.  We’ve all ridden on a cold morning or when the weather goes bad and we become uncomfortably cold on the bike. Don’t let the cold temperature ice you out of a great ride. Warm up your core temperature with a Heat Control Seat for the Africa Twin.

The engineers at Touratech have developed new technology that will keep you warm while minimizing power consumption on the bike. Using a proprietary electronic controller and a carbon fiber mesh heating element, the Heat Control Comfort Seat will keep you warm while only drawing 25% of the electricity of other heated seats. This preserves limited wattage on your CRF100L for other accessories like heated grips, heated riding gear, lights, and other accessories.

A glove-friendly control button is integrated into the side of the seat, eliminating the need for messy wires or switches on the handlebars. When pressing the button, the seat makes a quick vibration that signals the heat setting to the rider. This product is wired directly to the battery and switched power and will not impact the OEM electronic system of the motorcycle.

You can toggle the heat mode between High, Medium and Off with the touch of a button.  When the heat is not needed, you will still enjoy the legendary comfort that many have come to expect from Touratech’s Comfort Seats. The proprietary high-density foam, ergonomic shape, and stretch foam have made these seats a top choice for travel and distance riding:

  • Proprietary high-density foam provides superior support – A touring seat should be firm. Seat foam that is too soft or “spongy” will lose support and create hot-spots as the miles stack up. All Touratech seats are made from special high-density foam that will keep you supported and not bottom-out, no matter how many miles you ride in a day.
  • Specially contoured design for Adventure Touring motorcycles- Touratech seats are purpose-built for Adventure Touring motorcycles since we know you’ll be riding a mix of on- and off-road terrain. The seats’ special contours stay narrow in the front, right where they should, while staying wide in the rear for greater comfort. Other manufacturers who primarily build cruiser and street touring seats tend to make them extremely wide, making it harder to reach the ground with your legs while riding off-road.
  • Perfect positioning of seams – Our seat designers know that one seam in the wrong spot can be a problem on a long trip. We design seats so that the seam locations are not in contact with you which maximizes comfort.
  • Durable, comfortable stretch cover – Touratech seats feature a two-way elastic, non-slip standard cover, which flexes enough for you to shift your body to stay comfortable.
  • No trade-in required - All of our comfort seats are sold outright. Unlike other manufacturers or custom seat makers, we do not require a trade-in of your stock seat. This means you can keep your original seat around as a spare, or sell it to recoup some of the costs of your new seat.
  • Ergonomically shaped, matching passenger seat available - Passengers need comfort in the long-haul too! The Touratech passenger seat is specially formed to keep the passenger securely in place whether you're hard on the brakes or rolling on the throttle. Passenger seats are made with all the same high-quality components as the driver seats.


Seat Heights:

Standard Seat: Same as stock standard seat

High Seat: 2 cm ( .8 inches) higher than standard

NOTE: If you already have a heat control driver's seat, the passenger seat plugs into the same wiring harness.  if you are going to only run a heated passenger seat, you will have to purchase a wiring harness for it separately:  Part Number 030-0169.

Drivers Seats fit all years Africa Twin & Adventure Sports.  Passenger Seat only fits 2016-2017

Product Features
  • Low draw (less than 10 watts), carbon mesh heating element
  • All controls and electronics built into seat
  • Easy to install, stand alone system. No fault codes
  • Two heat levels for maximum comfort
  • Glove-friendly, positive feedback controls located on side of seat
  • Available in 2 different heights and passenger seat versions
  • Standard & High Seats include wiring harness for motorcycle
  • Passenger Seat plugs into harness from driver's seat. If you are only running a passenger seat, the harness is sold separately
  • Made in Germany
  • Drivers Seats fit all years Africa Twin & Adventure Sports. Passenger Seat only fits 2016-2017

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