Touratech F800GS Tour DVD "End of the Rains" - European PAL version ONLY!

Touratech F800GS Tour DVD "End of the Rains" - European PAL version ONLY!

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In May 2007, in close co-operation with BMW, Touratech undertook the worlds first adventure motorbike journey on the new BMW F800GS.

The team consisted of Herbert Schwarz, who was testing new BMW-branded F800GS accessories (made by Touratech) under extreme conditions off-road, and Ramona Schwarz, who accompanied him in capturing the photography and video. Ramona rode a BMW G650X-Challenge. The two set off on the journey around Lake Victoria, Africas biggest lake, covering 5087 km of sand, gravel, corrugated gravel and mud - from the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean through the Masai steppe in Kenya, the savannah of Tanzania, the green mountains of Burundi and Rwanda, around the extinct Mt. Elgon volcano in Uganda and back to Mombasa.

Traveling independently with a tent, they had plenty of amazing encounters with the locals. Throughout their

journey, the travellers encountered African joie de vivre and hospitality everywhere they went. The visit to the worlds last surviving mountain gorillas who live in the Virunga volcanoes of Rwanda was unique.

What distinguishes this film from earlier Touratech films is its strong documentary character. Ramona and Herbert Schwarz shot all the footage for this film themselves. It shows a realistic picture of strange and fascinating Black Africa. The two captured images on the roadside and of daily life. Topics such as the genocide in Rwanda and the poverty are also brought closer to the viewer with sensitivity and understanding.

DVD has only two languages; English and German. This DVD is published in the European "PAL" standard which will play on most computers but usually does NOT play on USA TVs and DVD players.

Product Features
  • In European PAL - may not play on all USA DVD players!!
  • 55 minutes plus Bonus material

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