Touratech Suspension Extreme Long Travel Kit, BMW F800GS

Touratech Suspension Extreme Long Travel Kit, BMW F800GS

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What's Included
  • Long Travel Extreme Fork Cartridge Kit
  • Long Travel Extreme Rear Shock


The ultimate suspension now available in a long-travel version that adds 20mm front and rear travel for the BMW F800GS.

The Touratech guys have been riding the BMW F800GS since it first came out in 2009. Much of their seat time on this bike has been pushing the limits off-road, including riding the various Backcountry Discovery Routes, scouting for the Touratech Rally, and even racing it in the Desert 100. We love riding this bike, but not with the OEM suspension. Our primary question when advising a customer is which suspension option is best for their situation. If they have the inseam to spare, or posses the riding skills to not worry about inseam, then our top choice for a suspension upgrade for the F800GS is the long-travel system.

Ever wonder why trophy trucks have three feet of travel on their suspension? It’s because the more travel your suspension has, the better job it can do smoothing out the bumps in the road to keep your bike under control and tires planted to the ground. Customers dreaming of taking the BMW F800GS suspension to the next level have been asking for a long-travel solution. The team at Touratech Suspension has developed an upgrade that boosts travel to 250mm in the front and 235mm in the rear. (stock is 230/215mm).

Touratech Suspension has taken the two premium suspension solutions for the F800GS and added 20mm of travel to them (20mm travel, with 30mm height increase). The long-travel Extreme Shock and long-travel Fork Cartridge Conversion deliver rally-race level performance for your adventure motorcycle.


Here is how we do it:

Long-Travel Fork Cartridge System – This system replaces your stock internals with a closed cartridge system that completely transforms the front-end of the F800GS with high performance characteristics that can’t be achieved with OEM forks. When the road gets rough you’ll have 10% more travel to absorb impacts and maximize traction, control, and boost that feeling of confidence. The Long-travel cartridge raises the front of the bike putting more distance (30mm) between your skid plate and the terrain hazards below.

No modifications to the fork tubes, fork brace or brake system are necessary and a state-of-the-art bladder system is used instead of a floating piston. A closed cartridge separates the nitrogen and high-performance damping oil from the moving parts of the forks for smooth and consistent performance even in punishing environments. The system includes hydraulic bottoming prevention that works like a pillow to prevent the fork from bottoming out suddenly.

Compression damping, rebound and pre-load adjustments are located on top of the forks allowing riders to make changes easily. Spring weights are selected to match rider weight, load and riding preferences to maximize performance of your F800GS.

If you like to ride with confidence in any terrain, upgrading to the Long-travel Cartridge System provides the rider with the best possible performance. The valving is set-up to be the perfect match to the Touratech Suspension Long-Travel Extreme Shock. For more information about our Cartridge System Technology click HERE

Long-Travel Extreme Shock–You will have an additional 20mm (.8 inch) of travel for your F800GS and valving that is suitable for faster speeds and off-road terrain.  At the end of the travel you still have the PDS bottoming control works like a hydraulic pillow at the end of the stroke. It also extends the life of the shock and is better for the motorcycle and the rider by eliminating the forces and possible damage associated with hard hits.

The Touratech Extreme Shock offers adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping, a remote fluid reservoir, high-flow fittings, adjustable rebound damping, floating piston superiority and low-friction seals which add up to a highly refined shock that can be tuned with precision to meet the ride style and handling characteristics you prefer on your F800GS.

The Touratech Extreme Shock is over-built by design with heavy-duty materials and over-sized components.  This shock does not have a hydraulic preload adjuster due to the extended spring length and travel.  Pre-load can be manually adjusted using a hand tool.

Touratech Suspension is the world’s first purpose-built shock absorber for long-distance touring with a fully-loaded motorcycle. Right out of the box, it has the strength, features and adjustments to go the distance on an adventure or touring bike carrying luggage.

The Touratech Extreme Shock is the ultimate in suspension technology, and the ideal choice for extended trips or off-road rides like a Backcountry Discovery Route. For the rider who wants absolute control over suspension set-up and high performance, this is the product.

This upgrade also increases the ground clearance by 30mm making it easier to clean terrain. If you want the best suspension on the planet for your BMW F800GS, the Long-travel Touratech Extreme shock matched up with the Long Travel Fork Cartridge will provide unmatched fun no matter what terrain you tackle. For more information on our Extreme Shock technology click HERE.

Product Features
  • Travel is increased from 230 to 250mm Front and 215 to 235 Rear.
  • Ground clearance is increased by 30mm
  • Seat Height is increased from 35 to 36.25in
  • Kit includes Long Travel version of both Fork Cartridge Conversion and Extreme Shock
  • Increased travel front and rear
  • Valve settings specific to off-road riding with luggage
  • Adjustable rebound & compression damping
  • Low Friction seals
  • Custom spring weights for your riding style
  • Made in Holland
  • Fits BMW F800GS, select your model year from the menu when adding to cart
  • Sidestand and centerstand may need modification after travel is increased

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