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Touratech Suspension Competition Shock & Cartridge System, BMW S1000RR

Touratech Suspension Competition Shock & Cartridge System, BMW S1000RR

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What's Included
  • Closed cartridge kit, ready to install.
  • Shock absorber, ready to install.
  • Installation instructions / user manual


Touratech Suspension Race Shock and Cartridge System BMW S1000RR

The ultimate suspension upgrade for the BMW S1000RR. This state of the art shock and cartridge kit will make a dramatic improvement to the handling and feel of your bike. Extensive testing on the track has resulted in a set-up that will deliver faster track times right out of the box. The fully adjustable competition suspension converts your bike's performance into grip on the road or track. This competition-grade kit is comprised of a closed-cartridge system for the front fork and a fully adjustable piston-separated high performance shock.

Race Fork Cartridge Description

The Competition Closed Fork Cartridge improves the damping performance giving a balanced and predictable feeling in high-speed environments. This upgrade will bring your superbike's suspension system up to a level which makes it capable of winning. Our suspension team has developed an excellent setup for the BMW S1000RR. Based on this, the Competition Closed Cartridge can be completely adjusted to fit your ride style and personal preferences.  The incredible balance and the great feeling of the suspension system is your key to the perfect race performance on your BMW S1000RR.


Feature Summary - Fork Cartridges:

•Easy Installation with simple "drop in" set-up. No irreversible machining or rework required. This kit includes everything you need to install the cartridge system in each fork leg. The cartridges come pre-sprung, filled with oil and charged with nitrogen.

•Closed Cartridge separates the air and the oil to prevent oil foaming. This direct damping technology ensures that your fork will have smooth and consistent performance no matter how hard you push it.

•Separation Bladder delivers lightning-fast responsiveness due to minimal friction and eliminates foaming by pressurizing the oil.

Adjustable compression damping allows absolute control of fork tuning to give you the precise handling characteristics you want. With 20 clicks of adjustment you can control how fast the fork compresses. If it feels too firm, you can reduce the compression damping. If the bike is going through the travel too quickly, feels too soft, or is bottoming out, you can increase compression damping.

Adjustable rebound damping allows you to fine-tune the ride characteristics to meet your preferences. With 20 clicks of adjustment you can control how fast the fork moves back out. If it feels bouncy you can increase compression damping. If the fork is progressively using up travel (packing) you can reduce rebound damping.

Preload Adjustment is easily done by turning the durable steel nut on both legs to achieve proper ride height and use the suspension to its full potential.

Easy Access with all adjustment screws located on top of the fork legs. Compression damping, rebound damping and preload can all be adjusted while sitting on the bike. This makes it easy to adjust the suspension and have it perform just the way you want it.

Damping stability with 35 mm race performance piston.

• Triple clamp/handlebar mounting, brakes, wheel control and steering geometry remain exactly the same.


Touratech Competiting Rear Shock:

With the Competition Shock Absorber Touratech Suspension gives the ambitious S1000RR rider the best equipment for faster lap times. The Competition Shock delivers optimum and balanced racing performance for your motorcycle. Based on this, the Competition Shock can be completely customized to your needs. This ensures that you can optimally adjust the rear wheel to the performance of the forks. The balance and the great feeling of the suspension system for the S1000RR will take your race performance to the next level.

Feature Summary – Competition Shock

Light weight T6 Aluminum is cold forged for strength and also maximum heat dissipation for performance.

Low friction seals with integrated Teflon support ring for high performance.

• Remote Reservoir optimum cooling of the damping fluid.

Floating Piston Superiority eliminates foaming by separating the air and oil to ensure consistent damping no matter how hard you push it.

Adjustable high and low speed damping enable precise and sensitive damping performance.

Large 16 mm piston rod made from chrome molybdenum steel for maximum stability and durability.

Oversized 46mm piston with race-tested valving set-up

Stainless steel sleeves for precise mounting. This enables robust, firm seating of the shock bolt, even under the highest of loads.

Purpose Built for Racing - All assemblies and components are designed for intensive use in competition.

QR barcode with baseline settings on the shock absorber, with individual information about the shock absorber. This means you can call up information specific to the shock absorber by scanning it with a smartphone. Information on the basic setup of the shock absorber can be called up at any time. Possible to reset if incorrectly adjusted.

Fully serviceable for long life and consistent performance. The last shock you’ll ever buy.


The Touratech Suspension Race Shock and Cartridge System will give your S1000RR world-class performance allowing you to put in your fastest track times. The cartridge system and rear shock are set-up to be the perfect match ensuring a balanced and confidence inspiring ride whether you are on the track or just want the best feel for canyon carving on the weekends.

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